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Frequently Asked Questions

What is counseling?

Counseling is a collaboration between counselor and client. Together, you and your counselor identify challenges in your life and create solutions to help move your life in a positive direction. Dynamic Counseling Associates lays the groundwork for individuals, couples, and families to strengthen their self-esteem, build better communication, and promote behavior change. We believe everyone has the potential to build a better life.


How can counseling help me?

There are times in life when certain issues or life events can cause emotional distress, put a strain on relationships, or make it feel like your world is crumbling. Dynamic Counseling Associates offers the caring, expert assistance that you need during these stressful times. We can help you find new ways to cope with the challenges in your life.


What can I expect at a counseling session?

We strive to make the counseling atmosphere relaxed, comfortable, and free from judgment. During your initial  session, we will discuss your current situation and relevant history. From there, each counseling session is constructed from the goals you have identified as the basis for your growth.


Do you offer counseling services for children and teenagers?

Dynamic Counseling Associates provides counseling for individuals of all ages. Children and teenagers are often helped by having their own individual sessions, sometimes in combination with family counseling.


Are my sessions confidential?

As a client, you are guaranteed the protection of confidentiality within the boundaries of the client/counselor relationship. The only limitations to confidentiality occur when clients are considered either a threat to themselves or someone else, or when legal requirements demand that confidential information be disclosed. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our confidentiality policy.


Are you available in the evenings or on weekends?

Dynamic Counseling Associates offers flexible appointment times. Please contact us to arrange a session that fits your schedule.


What if I need to cancel my counseling session?

If you cancel within 24 hours or do not show up for the appointment, your card will be charged the full session fee. Insurance does not cover the cost of missed or cancelled sessions. 


Will my insurance company pay for counseling?

Many insurance plans reimburse for a portion of therapy, and you may have a co-pay. Dynamic Counseling Associates is currently accepting insurance. Out-of-network benefits vary from plan to plan. For details, contact your insurance carrier and ask about “out-of-network” benefits for “outpatient mental health services.” Upon request, we are happy to provide you with a receipt for therapy that you may submit to insurance for reimbursement.


How can I schedule an appointment?

You can call or email us, 610-443-0464 or

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