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Verifying Your Eligibility

Dynamic Counseling Associates, LLC accepts behavioral health insurance!


Understanding your insurance and what is covered can be confusing.  We will need to verify your insurance prior to your first session. Your health insurance and behavioral health insurance can be two different providers. Please call the Member Services phone number on the back of your card to see who provides your behavioral health coverage. Ask about outpatient mental health services.

When you call DCA, we will ask for the following:

1. Photo of your current photo I.D.

2. A copy of the FRONT and BACK of your medical insurance card

3. Your date of birth and the name and date of birth of the primary insurer

4. Please email these photos and information to:

Behavioral Health Insurance

We accept many private insurances. Keep in mind not all therapists are in-network with all insurances. 

What if I am out of network with Dynamic Counseling Associates but I would still like to schedule an appointment?

You will need to pay for services out-of-pocket and then DCA can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. It is your responsibility to call your insurance company to obtain information on your "out of network benefits" for outpatient mental health services and what their reimbursement rate is.

When is payment due?

Payment is due at the time of service. Your credit card on file will be charged after the session for the session fee.

What is the client portal link?

Access the Simple Practice client portal by clicking here

What if I have Medicaid and would like to schedule an appointment?

DCA does not accept Medicaid but you can pay for services out-of-pocket.

Can you set up a Single Payer Agreement with Medicaid?

Unfortunately no. Medicaid will not set those agreements up with providers who are not Medicaid Licensed Facilities/Providers.

Will insurance pay for court ordered evaluations or court testimony?

No, unfortunately they will not. Court ordered evaluations will need to be paid for prior to the appointment.

DCA does not accept Medicaid or Medicare plans.

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